Shipping & Collection

Collection Information

At The Smokey Shed, we offer convenient collection services seven days a week. Please note the following to ensure a smooth collection process:

  • Collection Hours: You can collect your orders daily from 8 AM to 8 PM.
  • Order Ready Notification: Your order will only be available for collection after you receive a confirmation email from us indicating that it is ready. Please wait for this email before coming to collect your order.
  • No Email, No Collection: It's important to remember that if you have not received the collection confirmation email, your order will not be available when you arrive.
  • Refrigeration: Some items, particularly those that are perishable, will be stored in a fridge until you arrive for collection. This ensures they remain fresh and in optimal condition.
  • Item Labeling: All items will have a printed label affixed, which includes your order details and specifics about the contents. Please check the label upon collection to ensure the accuracy and completeness of your order.
We take great care in preparing and storing your items to maintain quality and freshness. We look forward to seeing you at the collection point!

Our collection point can be found below:

Contact Us

If you would like to leave us a message please fill in the form below. Alternatively, please contact us via email or phone +447797797834.

For collections please use the following address:

The Smokey Shed / The Little Jersey Biltong Company
Farm View
Rue des Landes
St John

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