A new collaboration of similar businesses derived from a love of curing and smoking food - the Little Jersey Biltong Company and The Smokey Shed.

The Little Jersey Biltong Company was originally set up by South African resident Mark Pinnick after missing his birth-countries cured meats and The Smokey Shed was set- up as Jersey-born Neil Cotillard found a passion for smoking and curing products in his back garden shed. 

The two companies ran amicably alongside each other for a many years until the beginning of 2023, when Mark decided to hand 'the curing baton' over to Neil. Neil took on all the equipment and traditional recipes to continue to supply demand but also merging the products from The Smokey Shed to now establish a company that can offer a wider range of meat and fish products for all to enjoy.

The Little Jersey biltong Company prides itself in using only the finest cuts of Jersey reared, grass-fed beef from Woodlands Farm. Le Boutillier family have been farming at Woodlands for generations. It’s one of the few remaining mixed dairy and potato farms on Jersey, still growing Jersey Royal potatoes in soil fertilised by the herd.

“They have a really good farm and all-round business. Their livestock is well cared for and live in wonderful surroundings. Happy cattle make the best biltong!”.