A NEW owner, a farewell and a fresh start!

A NEW owner, a farewell and a fresh start!

As most of you will be aware, The Little Jersey Biltong Company temporarily ceased trading at the end of last year, and since then, I have been trying to find the right person to take it over so that all of you guys can still enjoy your cured meat products.

I can happily confirm that I have found the perfect person to take over the business, a Jersey-born entrepreneur and businessman, Neil Cotillard, owner of The Smokey Shed - a similar smoked and cured food-producing business.

Neil and his family are super keen to run The Little Jersey Biltong Company as close to how I ran it as possible - different venue, but same great recipes and flavour as before.

Neil will also be including some NEW products for you all to try which have been produced under 'The Smokey Shed' brand.

Wishing Neil and the family all the success going forward,

You will be able, as before, to order all products from the website (under a new domain name) - www.thesmokeyshed.com.

However, if you happen to plug in the old domain name www.biltong.je, then don't fret as it will redirect you to the new website so that you can still place your order.

Another good way to get updates and offers is to follow and like The Smokey Shed page on Facebook.

And so all that's left for me to do is thank you for all of your support over the years and I hope that you will continue to support The Little Jersey Biltong Company as it moves to its new home.


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