A cured beef snack which gets its name from Spanish pirates. Originally called ‘charqui’, the Spanish discovered that natives in the Caribbean cooked their meat longer than normal, hung high over a low flame. This method removed most of the moisture, preserving it and so made it possible for the pirates to take the food with them over long sea trips!


Although similar, our unique method of smoking the strips of beef in a smoking chamber allows the meat to take on another unique dimension of flavour! Prior to smoking, only the best cuts of topside and silverside beef are marinated in a mouth watering concoction and then seasoned with a delicious blend of herbs and spices. 

With no preservatives, Jersey Beef Jerky not only packs a punch with flavour but it also has fantastic nutritional qualities! Very low in fat and high in protein makes this snack a popular choice with gym goers and fitness fanatics alike. 


So the next time you’re feeling a little peckish - why not reach for a packet of Jersey Beef Jerky and 'taste the smoke'?               

 The Jerky strips are availed in two sizes, snack pack or Tear and share packs.

The favours.

Currently there is one main favour we supply - Cajun , This a mild spice flavour which won't blow your head off.


we can also supply :

Black pepper, Thai, Peri-peri hot.